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Training & Development


The Training and Development COLLEGE is designed for Landi Renzo professionals to support them through all the stages of their professional growth, with particular emphasis on activities of a technical–specialist nature.

This College designs and delivers training activities of a more technical and/or operational character required by the company to carry out its activities efficiently and effectively and to guarantee the quality of its processes and products.

The College specifically handles training of newly-employed staff, compulsory training, work safety training, technical training and updating for the design, development and production of Landi Renzo products, and professional qualification and requalification of personnel assigned to new duties.

In view of the level of internationalisation of the Landi Renzo Group, knowledge of foreign languages is essential for every professional. English is particularly important in this respect, being the first language for the entire Group, and all staff members receive English language training throughout their careers in the company, from elementary to advanced, intensive and full immersion courses and special programs.

On Boarding Program
The On-boarding Program is designed to provide new employees with the main information they need in order to start working in the company, to acquaint them with Landi Renzo values and give them the requisite basic skills to perform the company role they have been assigned to.

Landi Stepset of web learning materials designed to introduce the company functions and roles to the every new employee

Functional On-boardingfirst and second level training courses, focused on the specific activities of the new employee

- english assessment and design of individual english training program 

Corporate Education