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COLLEGE deals with the design, management and evaluation of management training for staff development, to foster the achievement of the Group's strategic objectives.  

FirstClass College...

… defines the most suitable teaching methods to achieve the objectives of every training initiative.

FirstClass specifically uses unconventional training and education methods:

Education (10%)
     - classroom training
     - distance training
     - self-learning
Experience (70%)
     - faq
     - case studies
     - brainstorming
     - collaborative learning
     - role playing
Empowerment (20%)
     - role models and leaders as teachers
     - awarding
     - coaching & mentoring

The structure

Management training is organized in 5 areas, each with different objectives and methods:
Top Management: executive education or coaching programs reserved to top company management and high-potential employees, tailor-made to specific requirements and managed in partnership with international Business Schools.

Project Management: project management is the company's modus operandi reference point. Hence the design of customized training programs for the development of Project Management-related knowledge and competences, consisting of a basic course and an advanced course. To boost the effectiveness of these courses, a number of specific initiatives are organized annually, supported by, among other things, the presence of external discussants.

Tutorials for Core Competences: the goal of tutorials for core competences is to provide knowledge of basic management topics. The material for every tutorial includes tailor-made educational course books.

Corporate Education