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The National Day of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises was held on Saturday, 20th November 2010.The purpose of the event was to underscore and highlight the social role of the enterprise as a producer of economic and collective value.

By virtue of the company's ties with the local area and of the strong dynamic and innovative character that have distinguished it over many years, Landi Renzo opened the company doors overlooking Via Nobel and Via Raffaello to students, teachers and parents. Over 100 individuals were welcomed and shown around the company premises. They visited production departments, mechanical workshops and research and development laboratories, getting a first-hand look at, and becoming directly acquainted with, the life of the company and the industry.

The level of engagement and interest shown by students, teachers and parents for the featured activities are the best testimony to the success of the event and a confirmation that the INDUSTRIAMOCI initiative will be held again next year.