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Research and Development Centre

The Landi Renzo Research and Development Centre is unique in the sector thanks to its remarkable equipment and facilities and to the cutting edge technologies used in the study and manufacture of its products, which have been consistently marked by a strongly innovative content and regarded as a benchmark product on the market.

In the current context, characterised by the high level of technological innovation required to reduce polluting emissions, particularly in the Automotive sector (Direct injection, Hybrid, alternative combustible fuels, Electric and Hydrogen powered systems), Landi Renzo has decided to look to the future by building a new, even more modern and better-equipped Technical Centre.

The Centre is under construction in Cavriago, next to the company headquarters, and will consist of:

· two separate areas (for tests in the air and with real gases) to test the components of LPG, CNG and Hydrogen systems. The area reserved to tests with real gases – the first unit of the New Technical Centre which became operational in 2009 – includes a CNG compression station, an LPG compression station, and liquid and gas fuel tanks

· a car and engine testing area consisting of four dynamic engine benches, three roller benches to perform emission, calibration and power tests, and a climatic test cell for extreme temperatures (from -30°C to + 40°C)

· an area for the production of prototypes, including mechanical processing and the electronic laboratory

· an area for setting up prototype cars and the vehicle lay-out studio

The New Technical Centre will be able to host roughly 200 staff, including designers, applicators, technicians and specialists engineers in the fields of mechanics, electronics and mechatronics, and will be equipped with cutting edge safety systems as well as systems designed to reduce energy requirements to a minimum. The building, the main body of which has already been completed, is also equipped with a 200kW photovoltaic system that will be operational as from January 2011.

Research and Development Centre